Labour day

Happy Spring and Labour Day! This week was very short. It has only 2 business days due to holidays. It was mostly devoted to Lama Bot and Dharma studies.

Weekly Learn

Here what I’ve learnt this week. It’s a collection of materials in several languages with my comments.



I’ve bought a couple of new books including paper one for my altar.

  • Je Tsongkhapa “Lamrim Chenmo
  • Je Tsongkhapa “Lamrim Bsdusdon” (paper cover)
  • Shantideva “Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra - Wikipedia
  • Андрей Терентьев “Как найти духовного Учителя?”
  • ФПМТ “Сборние молитв для затворничества”

I’ve started to read the fifth one. As well I continue deep reading “The Four Immeasurables: Practices to Open the Heart” by B. Alan Wallace. Going to finish “Samatha” chapters this week.


This week I haven’t read any article but I’ve wrote one for the blog (in Russian):