• Weekly digest

    Lizard on Curonian Spit

    💻 Working hard on integrating Open source LLM for Lama Bot. Testing LLMs and trying to use them with Bumblebee.

    🏃 No running this week.

    🔬 I’ve finished yearly PhD report. Vacations is here. Going to start modelling next week.

    📽️ I’m going on streaming on Twitch. each Tue. Now I’m working on Lama Bot moving to my own infrastructure with Elixir and Phoenix. Latest video is in the “Videos” section.

    🪷 I’ve mostly practiced shamatha.

    🤖 Investigating Suno as a randon genre music player and to generate music for live streaming and other activities.

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) went to retreat due to Cose policy. We are working hard to move it to our own infrastructure making it much better at the same time. Lama Bot 2.0 is coming soon.

  • Weekly digest

    Swans in Yantarny

    💻 It was a short week for me because I had vacations on Thu and Fri. I’ve mostly started integrating TelemetryMetricsMnesia into client’s software. I’ve set up goals for Jul.

    🏃 No running this week. But on Sat we went from Zelenogradsk to Pionerskiy and back on bicycles 🚴 with my elder son. It we had a lot of fun. It’s 36 km distance. So sport is here, too.

    🔬 I was busy creating yearly PhD report.

    🪷 I practiced shamatha and compassion this week.

    🤖 I was debugging an issue with IFTT Pocket based triggers. It fails and always becomes disabled for some reason. Probably, due to Pocket API change.

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) asked me and other its users to pay for Coze Pro. Since the bot is designed as completely free for its users its time for it to go to retreat and move to other infrastructure. New version is coming. I’ve integrated Будда - мой психотерапевт with to get more readers. Other integrations soon.

    🌄 I was travelling around Curonian Spit with my family. See images.

  • Weekly digest

    Baltic shore]

    💻 I had difficulties with connecting to my client’s network through Cloudflare’s ZeroTrust so I decided to spin up IPSec IKEv2 server for myself to avoid issues in future. Right now it works fine but there are some difficulties with LTE connected clients.

    ☀️This is one of the hottest 🥵 weeks of my summer. So mostly beach and a bit of swimming even though Baltic see is still cold 🥶 a bit.

    🏃 I’ve done 2 + 1 km this week. I’m close to the month’s goal 🎯.

    🔬 I’ve fixed issue in “soil to skin” HHRA model part. Now it works perfect.

    📽️ No streams this week. But you can look moments and previous livestreams on Twitch. and YouTube.

    🪷 This was a week for compassion and shamatha. I’ve never forgotten about Tara’s mantras as well.

    🤖 I’ve succeeded with translating articles for the blog with Taskade AI. Going to automate social media routines as well.

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 5 daily active users for now. It’s definitely a success! I’ve updated it to use GPT-4o this week. I’m going on trying to enhance it’s algorythms.

  • Weekly digest

    Kant's cathedral

    💻 I’ve finished the timings and complexity issue in TelemetryMetricsMnesia library for Elixir and integrating it into client’s software.

    🏃 We are running 1.5 or 2x1 km. We are a bit behind the schedule but that’s not a great deal.

    🔬 It’s vacations now. Going to have a bit of rest from it then start to work on software and models.

    🌄 I’m travelling around Kaliningrad region. I’ve visited Kalinigrad several times, Yantarnoe former Palmnicken, Svetlogorsk former Rauschen. The places are very beautiful. Watched amber mining process.

    📽️ I’ve been streaming Rock. Code. (N)VIM. on daily basis this week. Publishing the sessions to YouTube. But seems for now I’ve finished opensource work. Next streams are going to be announced soon.

    🪷 This was a week of Loving kindness practice mostly. I’ve been practicing daily.

    🤖 I’ve mostly succeeded with making Taskade AI translating posts for this blog. I’t’s going to be dual language soon .

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 3 - 4 daily active users for now. Adding more NLP analytics to it.

  • Weekly digest

    Dune Efa

    💻 This week I’ve mostly finished fixing timing issues in TelemetryMetricsMnesia library for Elixir. Bought a monitor, keyboard and mouse

    🏃 We achieved 1.5 km milestone this week. Next ones are 2x1 and 2 km.

    🔬 PhD studies are mostly finished this academic year. I’m going on with modelling for my theses. For this I’ve finished 3 online courses in 3 days. This process doesn’t even smell like learning. It’s just finishing course. But as a result I found out new topics I want to enhances my knowledge in.

    📽️ I’ve added a countdown timer to streams. My max viewers are 4 per stream this week. It seems to be an achievement. I’ve been streaming Rock. Code. (N)VIM. on daily basis this week. Publishing the sessions to YouTube.

    🪷 This week I was practicing shamatha up to 20 min and Loving Kindness mostly.

    🤖 Configuring Taskade AI to help me to manage blog and social network routine. I’ll write an article about it later.

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 4 daily active users for now. It’s definitely a success! I’m learning a lot about happiness, Buddhism and AI to improve it.

  • Weekly digest

    Sunset on Baltic sea

    This is the first week of the summer! Congrats!

    💻 This is my first business week in Zelenogradsk. It seems to be a productive and interesting. Since I used to listen podcasts in the car no podcasts this week. Haven’t yet complete my desk setup, so currently laptop only.

    🏃 We started running season with my son. Baltic shore is a very beautiful place to run along. The start seems already be better than a year ago.

    🔬 Mostly finished PhD year and for this attended and finished a couple online courses, see below 👇

    📽️ Going on with my li streaming project. I’ve been streaming Rock. Code. (N)VIM. on daily basis this week. Going to publish to YouTube as well and strem there, too.

    🪷 My practice is a bit poorer this week. I’ve missed some days and mostly practiced shamatha.

    🤖 I’ve bought Taskade AI for a month currently and trying my best not to waste time making it work for me and my projects. I’ll share in future posts.

    📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 3 daily active users for now. It’s definitely a success!

  • Weekly digest

    Tubten Shedubling in Moscow

    This was the last week of the spring. For me it’s time for a big move… I’ve relocated from Perm to Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad territory) with a couple of days in Moscow in between. It was a fantastic week-long family journey.

    It was a bit nervous to travel with a baby you know. But I have a good rest as well and visited a couple places in Moscow.

    The main thing was visiting Tubden Shedubling Buddhist temple with my older son.

    Except that, Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) was tought to ask about daily users’ experience.

  • Weekly digest

    Stupa in the mountains

    This is a Holy week for Buddhists since May, 23 is the 15th day of Saga-dava. This day is known as a Buddhas birth, enlightment and leaving for paranirvana (death) day. For me it was a day for small meditation retreat. I was meditating about 3 hrs. Since I’m not a great at it it was 4 sessions with different length and purpose. After that I got my first ever empowerment from HH 41st Sakya Trichen.

    Except that, I started my Live coding: Rock, Code, (N)VIM translations on Twitch. Going to sync it with YouTube soon.

  • Weekly digest

    Buddha with flower

    This is the second week of Saga-dava. So I practice more than usual: read, meditate and donate to Sangha.

    The other achievements are:

  • Weekly digest: Happy Vesak or Saga-dava month


    This was a short week but it’s very important because of Saga-dava (ས་ག་ཟླ་བ།) month or Vesak (བི་ཤཱ་ཁཿ བཻ་ཤཱ་ཁ།) has started on May, 9th. This is a month when Buddah was born, enlightened and died or achieved paranirvana. For me most of this week was mostly devoted to practice and learning Buddhist wisdom.

  • Weekly digest

    Labour day

    Happy Spring and Labour Day! This week was very short. It has only 2 business days due to holidays. It was mostly devoted to Lama Bot and Dharma studies.

  • Будда - мой психотерапевт

    Будда с учеником %

    По данным ВОЗ, ежегодно от депрессии умирает около 800 тыс. человек, причем основная часть это молодые люди до 30 лет. Коварство этого недуга заключается в том, что больной депрессией, зачастую, даже не осознает, что у него проблемы и продолжает жить, как ни в чем не бывало. Часто, но далеко не всегда, депрессия связана с профессиональным выгоранием. 

    С конца 2018 года эта участь постигла и меня. За 2 года я сгорел настолько, что к середине 2021 поймал себя на мысли, что сожалею, что не умер от КОВИДа. В этот момент стало понятно, что само не пройдет и надо что-то делать.

  • Weekly digest


    This is a long week. We have 6 out of 7 business days before Spring holidays season. For me this week was full of adventures and achievements.

  • Weekly digest

    Child with birthday cake

    Today my smaller son has a Birthday! He is 1 y.o.! Happy Birthday!!! 🎁🎁🎁🎂🎉

    Telegram channel Будда - мой психотерапевт(RU) is live with several posts describing “Why?” and “What’s for?” and welcoming new subscribers. Lama Bot (དླ་མ།) has said its first words to this world through Telegram, too. Congrats! I’m thinking of trying to participate Coze AI Bot Challenge - DEV Challenge - DEV Community with it but, seems, it’s too late.

    I’ve started to use Telegram more so I’ve started to read TG channels. I’m adding a TG part to this digest for you.

  • Weekly digest


    Today is the 63rd anniversary of the first successful crewed spaceflight. However, I’m not completely sure it made human beings really better or happier at least in long-term.

    This week I’ve started to work on an idea of “བླ་མ། Lama” bot and Buddha is my therapist channel for Telegram. I start it in Russian for now but it’s going to be English as well soon. The aim is to help people cope with depression and burnout and get back to emotional balance. It’s based on my own experience. It’s going to be completely free and open source project.

  • Weekly digest

    Buddha in the dark

    It was a busy week. It was mostly devoted to PhD english exam materials collecting and ecology studies. Since I usually listen podcasts in the car and this week I was mostly working from home there are no much of them. On weekend I found a couple of time for myself and spent it for Buddhist studies.

    I’m thinking of creating a chatbot helping people to cope with depression with help of Buddhist and other practices based on my own experience. I’ll write a bit more about it later. But I’m ready for any feedback. It’s going to be completely free of charge and any sort of advertising. It’s just my contribution to this world.

  • Weekly digest

    Ancient timetable

    This was a short week for me. I have a day-off today but i still publish this digest. Since I was busy with PhD studies this week still not too much other stuff. The other achievements are

    • I’ve learnt to use and debug Leonardo.AI queries;
    • I’ve finished the 4 chapter of the “Golden Light Sutra”, see below.
  • Weekly digest

    Weekly image

    This week was mostly devoted my PhD studies and getting documents for international passport for my smaller son. Since it took huge amount of time and effort not much other learning was held. I’ve finally found how Tara’s root mantra spells in Tibetan and restarted learinig this awesome language:


  • Weekly digest

    Happy spring! I’m sorry for missing previous Weekly Digest. Was a bit short of time. Congrats with International Women’s Day! (Better late than never ;-) Maybe the best thing I’ve discovered for myself is Since OpenAI doesn’t accept users from Russia this one helps a lot. I’m going on with my PhD studies and it takes a lot of time and effort for now.

  • Weekly digest

    Happy spring! This week was the last week of long-long winter (it’s a leap year anyhow) and the first one of a spring. It’s different for me as I became 1 year older! Yeah my birthday was on Wed and it was awesome. Thanks to my darling wife. Other achievements of the week are:

    • I’ve created a basic automation for my Social media management. I’m really bad at this type of things but I understand that I need to have something. So I decided to use IFTTT as a sort of SMM manager for myself.
    • I’ve mostly migrated my main tool NVIM from unsupported Packer to Lazy. I’ll share a post a bit later.
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    Top image Deploying your project to a bare metal server or VPS like described in the previous article is fine at the very begining. But when it comes to thousands or even better millions of users it becomes necessary to scale the deployment. This is where docker comes into play. It has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its ability to simplify the deployment process and create isolated environments for applications. Allowing developers to package their applications along with all the necessary dependencies into a single container and making it easier to deploy and run the application on any platform docker has become an industry standard.

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