Happy spring! This week was the last week of long-long winter (it’s a leap year anyhow) and the first one of a spring. It’s different for me as I became 1 year older! Yeah my birthday was on Wed and it was awesome. Thanks to my darling wife. Other achievements of the week are:

  • I’ve created a basic automation for my Social media management. I’m really bad at this type of things but I understand that I need to have something. So I decided to use IFTTT as a sort of SMM manager for myself.
  • I’ve mostly migrated my main tool NVIM from unsupported Packer to Lazy. I’ll share a post a bit later.

Weekly Learn

Here what I’ve learnt this week. It’s a collection of materials in several languages with my comments.



I’ve started to read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Google Books. As a Master of Biology I know most of facts inside but philosophical ideas are very interesting.