Baltic shore]

💻 I had difficulties with connecting to my client’s network through Cloudflare’s ZeroTrust so I decided to spin up IPSec IKEv2 server for myself to avoid issues in future. Right now it works fine but there are some difficulties with LTE connected clients.

☀️This is one of the hottest 🥵 weeks of my summer. So mostly beach and a bit of swimming even though Baltic see is still cold 🥶 a bit.

🏃 I’ve done 2 + 1 km this week. I’m close to the month’s goal 🎯.

🔬 I’ve fixed issue in “soil to skin” HHRA model part. Now it works perfect.

📽️ No streams this week. But you can look moments and previous livestreams on Twitch. and YouTube.

🪷 This was a week for compassion and shamatha. I’ve never forgotten about Tara’s mantras as well.

🤖 I’ve succeeded with translating articles for the blog with Taskade AI. Going to automate social media routines as well.

📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 5 daily active users for now. It’s definitely a success! I’ve updated it to use GPT-4o this week. I’m going on trying to enhance it’s algorythms.

Weekly Learn

Here what I’ve learnt this week. It’s a collection of materials in several languages with my comments.


I’ve finished the chapter about loving kindness started to read about compassion in Alan Wallace’s “The Four Immeasurables: Practices to Open the Heart”.