Sunset on Baltic sea

This is the first week of the summer! Congrats!

💻 This is my first business week in Zelenogradsk. It seems to be a productive and interesting. Since I used to listen podcasts in the car no podcasts this week. Haven’t yet complete my desk setup, so currently laptop only.

🏃 We started running season with my son. Baltic shore is a very beautiful place to run along. The start seems already be better than a year ago.

🔬 Mostly finished PhD year and for this attended and finished a couple online courses, see below 👇

📽️ Going on with my li streaming project. I’ve been streaming Rock. Code. (N)VIM. on daily basis this week. Going to publish to YouTube as well and strem there, too.

🪷 My practice is a bit poorer this week. I’ve missed some days and mostly practiced shamatha.

🤖 I’ve bought Taskade AI for a month currently and trying my best not to waste time making it work for me and my projects. I’ll share in future posts.

📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) has 3 daily active users for now. It’s definitely a success!

Weekly Learn

Here what I’ve learnt this week. It’s a collection of materials in several languages with my comments.


I’ve finished shamatha and started reading about loving kindness practice in of Alan Wallace’s “The Four Immeasurables: Practices to Open the Heart”.

I’ve bought “Consciousness and emotions” from Pelmang Pandita. I think it’s going to be helpful for Lama Bot next steps and my own practice as well.


Not too much because I was busy with cources.


These are mostly for PhD. Most of the material is already known.