Swans in Yantarny

💻 It was a short week for me because I had vacations on Thu and Fri. I’ve mostly started integrating TelemetryMetricsMnesia into client’s software. I’ve set up goals for Jul.

🏃 No running this week. But on Sat we went from Zelenogradsk to Pionerskiy and back on bicycles 🚴 with my elder son. It we had a lot of fun. It’s 36 km distance. So sport is here, too.

🔬 I was busy creating yearly PhD report.

🪷 I practiced shamatha and compassion this week.

🤖 I was debugging an issue with IFTT Pocket based triggers. It fails and always becomes disabled for some reason. Probably, due to Pocket API change.

📿 Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) asked me and other its users to pay for Coze Pro. Since the bot is designed as completely free for its users its time for it to go to retreat and move to other infrastructure. New version is coming. I’ve integrated Будда - мой психотерапевт with https://dzen.ru to get more readers. Other integrations soon.

🌄 I was travelling around Curonian Spit with my family. See images.

Weekly Learn

Here what I’ve learnt this week. It’s a collection of materials in several languages with my comments.


I’m finishing Alan Wallace’s “The Four Immeasurables: Practices to Open the Heart”. Only one chapter is left about equanimity.


No or I can’t remember. It’s time to have a bit of rest from “content”.


I was watching “Silicon valley” since I’m a bit burnt out and it’s time to rest.